Sunday, February 10, 2013

Lance is NOT The ONLY Sports-Feat-Cheat

Lance-Armstrong-tells-Oprah-he-is-a-Sports-Feat-Cheat . . . NOT THE ONLY ONE

WOW finally . . . this should not be a surprise to any sensible person ! As was a company that turned down prizes for Lance to win 5 Tour de France' in a row contests and THE first company on the internet to do prize providing for sports events (100,000 or so around the world). We knew 25+ years ago that people "cheat" "cut corners" "break the rules" when involved in sports contests.

I was verifying sports claims (probably the only one) 15 years before Lance started doping. IT HAPPENS. ITS SAD that individuals will go to that level, (but, its also human nature). I have witnessed many and their are numerous fraudulent winning sport claims from hometown-locals to national level events. Even in golf, (maybe the highest integrity sport, which I am most familiar to all other sport contest). I have spoken out about this from the beginning (very quietly) with smoking gun facts, but no-one was really interested, or I was looked upon as on the wrong side?

What is really deplorable are the ( officials, state regulators, politicians, agencys, people, partners etc) that I have come in contact with, in this sporting life, that KNEW & ignored the truth and THEN used these NON-compliant winners, looking the other way, "grabbing onto their coattails" per se, for their OWN personal gain.
Thats the next level that needs to be exposed . . . Lance "manned up" . . . now all these others have to be outted . . . that will be a much larger story in the near future as the names will be household

Sports Feat Cheats we have been pointing this out for 25+ years. While no one listened or 

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  1. Scam Alert. I purchased a Super Bowl contest for February 2014 broncos/Seahawks. Contest was: if either 1st or 2nd half kickoff is returned for a touchdown we are paid $5000. Well... It happened and i have never been paid. Now have an attorney involved and will be suing them.

    Update: apparently I wasn't only one. Below is Article from insurance

    A businessman accused of insuring golf tournament hole-in-one prizes then failing to pay plead guilty in a Washington court to two counts of selling insurance without a license and one count of first-degree theft.

    Kevin Kolenda, 55, of Norwalk, Conn., entered his plea in King County Superior Court in Seattle on Friday morning. In addition to the three felonies, Kolenda was ordered to pay $15,000 in restitution.

    In 1995 Kolenda started a business called Golf Marketing, working out of a home his parents owned in Norwalk. Since then, the business' name has changed several times, including: Golf Marketing Worldwide LLC, Golf Marketing Inc.,, and currently Worldwide. The company also has a regional office in Rye, N.Y.

    Kolenda repeatedly failed to pay winning golfers in Washington, according to the charges.

    Those payment failures include: In 2004, Kolenda sold insurance for a Vancouver tournament, where a golfer got a hole in one. Kolenda did not pay the $50,000 prize.

    In 2010, Kolenda sold coverage to pay $25,000 for a hole in one during a golf tournament in Snohomish. A player got a hole in one, his golf partners signed notarized forms attesting to the hole in one, but prize remains unpaid, despite numerous calls and emails from the partners and tournament officials, according to the Washington Insurance Commissioner's office.

    In some cases, charities had to come up with the prize money that Kolenda refused to pay. In others, the prize winners agreed to forgo a prize.

    Similar allegations have been made against Kolenda and his business in numerous other states, including Montana, Ohio, Georgia, California, New York, Hawaii, Alabama, Massachusetts, Florida, Connecticut and North Carolina.

    Kolenda will be sentenced in four months