Wednesday, January 4, 2012 SAVES Putting Contest Disasters from Happening due to Inexperienced Company involvement with an INEPT Industry. was called to the rescue AGAIN. . . when 2 of the largest Putting Contest events in the US. were about to BLOW UP due to the lack of expertise of the Putting Contest Insurers company(s)

1,) The Wynn Resort in Vegas was to have a Long Weekend Putting Contest at a Culinary Convention in 2010 were upon US Hole in One offered a $20,000 prize for a $2000 fee. At the last second US Hole-in-One changed the rules, wanted to increase / EXTORT the fee to $20000 ?!?  pulled out of the coverage leaving the annual convention stranded.and desperate . . . was called on a Thursday evening on cell phone at midnight WOW! due to their long standing relationship with The Wynn resort. Hole-in-Won clarified all the mistakes made by the inexperienced company and then contractual covered the Putting Contest for ONLY $900. a 50%+ savings  YIKES! 

BE WARNED. We are the original creators of Putting Contest insurance . . .  as we are "light years" ahead of all others in this industry. Most of them are winging it and "grossly" ill-prepared and unacknowledged on the nuances of Putting Contests and how to run 100% properly and successfully

2.) The Largest Golf Event in the World the DuPont Pro-AM in Myrtle Beach experienced the same fate, AFTER presented a Putting Contest for all of the entrants . . . another competitor (Surebet subcontractor and assignee) stated that we could do that "same thing" that Hole-in-WON does.  Well NOT SO FAST in the middle of the event  . . .the company pulled the rug out and canceled the event ?!? Runnibg scared because they felt that they mis quoted and mi calculated the event ?!? . Leaving 5000 golfers AND Guests high and dry ?!? Arguments of massive porfessional and unprofessional levels was waged against the management company & the INEXPERIENCED putting contest insurers AGAIN Hole-in-WON was called to the rescue salvaging what was left from the disgruntled entrants and a business relationship was forged with the sub contractor. Please ask us directly for Michael Johnson contact info the person that was misled by the puuting contest insurers to elaborate if you like. is  the original creators of Putting Contest insurance in 1991 and we are "light years" ahead of all others in this industry. Most of them (started just years ago) are winging it and "grossly" ill-prepared and unacknowledged on the nuances of Putting Contests and how to run 100% properly and successfully. CALL us directly 203-831-0600 fo more info



PRESS RELEASE January 2002 RE released 2010

“We . . . shouldn’t even have been involved in this” Karen Kiernan assistant Insurance commissioner State of CT.

“After a 3 day hearing that was brought upon by False Accusations from an unsavory competitors in Georgia and Florida and erroneous reports to the CT Insurance commission, Golf Marketing rightfully moves on.” Westchester County Business Journal.

“This is just the oldest ploy in the business world . . .  If you cannot say anything good about yourself and your company . . . say something bad about someone else, to put in your mind, that you are superior” stated Kevin Kolenda.

“We really, really, like when someone mentions this . . . we take this as a compliment, because it comes from desperate competitors who cannot compete . . .  and we end up getting the business . . . it just adds to our company having more satisfied clients and more business.” continued Kevin.

The story starts when an unscrupulous Georgia company, that Hole-in-WON Golf Marketing discontinued to do business with, facing the facts of offering inferior products and service, going out of business or elsewhere, became disgruntled and made false and sensationalized accusations against the company from Norwalk. The CT State Insurance commission rightfully checked into the matter.

After reviewing for 3 days, 16 years of Golf Marketing business and over 20,000 clients, the findings of the hearing were that the state of CT insurance commission could not find even one complaint and not one unpaid claim. To the contrary, the states own witnesses Alice Hickey of Hoffman Motors and Webster Insurance of Fairfield CT, could only make statements about large payouts and rave reviews about their dealings with Golf Marketing. The complainant who was scheduled NEVER showed up?.

If anyone else in the industry wants to go through this kind of scrutiny, let them put their chips on the table” . . ”We are #1 in the industry, and the findings of this hearing confirm that”, continued Kevin.

“Golf Marketing runs a very serious active business . . . they are parallel with the Fireman’s Fund” hearing officer for the State of CT, Mark R. Franklin, stated from the hearing transcripts.

Even counsel for the state of CT Insurance Anthony Caporale conceded, “I am not here to dispute . . . (the quality of) Golf Marketing’s business practices”, taken from hearing transcripts.

“Golf Marketing is elated with the findings” Dan Strempel, Fairfield County Business Journal.

On a side note . . . “Mr. Kolenda and Golf Marketing has been a respected client of our bank Chase Manhattan for over 20 years . . . I would imagine a large amount of companies would like to have the business and financial assets like him for those 20 years” . . . “its just a case of simple professional jealousy”  Marvin Railla, Golf Marketing Account Manager, Chase Manhattan Bank.

In closing Kevin Kolenda states, “As for the dubious companies involved in the hearing or information on any competitor for that matter and future clients, please contact us directly, we will be glad to make a strait one-to-one analysis against any one in this industry. Our business has grown 25% since this, considering the down economic times this amazing growth just shows the truth and . . . he who laughs last you know?”

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